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Medium ticket
06.04.2024 Everton – Burnley Home win 1.73 ✅
06.04.2024 Crystal Palace – Manchester City Away win 1.33 ✅
06.04.2024 Brighton – Arsenal Away win 1.50 ✅
06.04.2024 Mainz – Darmstadt Home win 1.40 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 4.83
High ticket
06.04.2024 FC Koln – Bochum Home win 2.25 ✅
06.04.2024 AS Roma – Lazio Home win 2.10 ✅
06.04.2024 Zwolle – Excelsior Home win 1.91 ✅
06.04.2024 PSV – AZ Alkmaar BTS YES 1.70 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 15.34
Medium ticket
31.03.2024 Feyenoord – Utrecht Home win 1.30 ✅
31.03.2024 Zwolle – Ajax Away win 1.60 ✅
31.03.2024 Girona – Betis Home win 1.70 ✅
31.03.2024 Real Madrid – Ath Bilbao Home win 1.57 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 5.55
High ticket
31.03.2024 Marseille – PSG Away win 1.95 ✅
31.03.2024 Lorient – Brest  Away win 2.05 ✅
31.03.2024 Clermont – Toulouse Away win 2.00 ✅
31.03.2024 Nice – Nantes BTS YES 2.10 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 16.78
Medium ticket
29.03.2024 Preston – Rotherham Home win 1.45 ✅
29.03.2024 Forest Green – Stockport County Away win 1.53 ✅
29.03.2024 Derby – Blackpool Home win 1.80 ✅
29.03.2024 Reading – Northampton Home win 1.67 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 6.66
High ticket
29.03.2024 Lille – Lens Home win 2.15 ✅
29.03.2024 Cadiz CF – Granada CF Home win 1.91 ✅
29.03.2024 MK Dons – Walsall Home win 1.91 ✅
29.03.2024 Bradford City – Tranmere Home win 2.15 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 16.86
Medium ticket
27.03.2024 Breidablik – Akranes Home win 1.36 ✅
27.03.2024 Al Kahraba – Baghdad Home win 1.71 ✅
27.03.2024 Sando – Prison Service Home win 1.49 ✅
27.03.2024 Briton Ferry – Taffs Well Home win 1.40 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 4.85
High ticket
27.03.2024 Al Najma – Al Bukayriyah Home win 2.29 ✅
27.03.2024 Alebrijes Oaxaca – Tepatitlan de Morelos Home win 1.87 ✅
27.03.2024 Deportivo Achuapa – Xinabajul Home win 1.86 ✅
27.03.2024 Liberia – Alajuelense Away win 2.05 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 16.32
Medium ticket
25.03.2024 Sri Lanka – Bhutan Home win 1.33 ✅
25.03.2024 Cape Verde – Equatorial Guinea Home win 1.67 ✅
25.03.2024 Indonesia U20 – China U20 BTS YES 1.85 ✅
25.03.2024 Sweden – Albania Home win 1.36 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 5.58
High ticket
25.03.2024 Japan U23 – Ukraine Ol. Home win 1.83 ✅
25.03.2024 Azerbaijan – Bulgaria BTS YES 2.10 ✅
25.03.2024 Malta U21 – Slovakia U21 BTS YES 2.00 ✅
25.03.2024 Gabon – Congo BTS YES 2.10 ✅
Ticket status: WIN Total odds: 16.14

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